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Our Story

The Coincide collection is born from the idea that every object should be an instrument of learning, both for the creator and the collector. The products are evidence of a process that merges the questions of an artist and the solutions of a designer.


Make better, not more: Timeless themes are carefully researched, interpreted and expressed as original works meant to be carried for a lifetime and inspire for generations.


We strive to carve a niche at the coincident of art and design, applying complementary methods in the same place at the same time. 


These fundamental and core beliefs were formed during decades of work and research within art, design, and teaching. From rugged architectural work in the wilderness of Canada's Ontario and the dense metropolitan sprawl of Los Angeles to the more gentle activity of Plein-air watercolours, each individual task, however small, helped crystalize these tenets.


The synthesis of these goals, combined with the philosophy that well-made objects are part of a sustainable path, shapes the approach we take.


Aware of the resources consumed in the creation of any object, each product has been carefully analyzed and must share three main attributes;


  1. it has to be collectible,

  2. it has to encourage learning, and 

  3. it has to continue to do the first two for generations.





Founder Jason Burton is an Environmental Designer who works in the architecture and product design industries. 


Jason’s art and design work express a strong commitment to the environment and how it informs the fundamental and unifying principles of design. His wide range of experience in different fields of design has shaped a multidisciplinary approach to his work. Jason has been a designer for R&D Architects in Venice California since 2003 and is the Founder of JBstudio offering custom design services and a unique collection of products and artifacts. His art, sculpture and furniture designs have been seen in various galleries and publications, most notably Architectural Digest.

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