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The Euclidean Coin is a unique work of art that embraces the elegance inherent in mathematical reasoning and geometric construction.  More than 2,000 years ago, in Ptolemy’s Alexandria, Euclid assembled the dispersed geometrical works of his Greek counterparts in a single comprehensive book.  Euclid’s Elements survives as a pinnacle of cultural expression, proving that well designed artifacts can preserve the best of long lost civilizations.  Amidst the chaos and complexity of contemporary life, Finding Center is but a few simple steps in the making. 


The obverse side of the coin commemorates Euclid by revealing the geometric construction used in designing a logo for the mathematician. Using a compass and straight edge, the serif letter "E" is drawn with classic Euclidean construction techniques including constructing perpendicular lines, constructing parallel lines and bisecting angles. 


The reverse side of the coin illustrates the Finding Center theme. Bisecting a given line is the primary Euclidean construction technique for finding the center of a circle. Points, lines and arcs, which background the representations of Euclid’s compass and straightedge, are proof that the center of the coin has been found.


Artistic Coin (not legal tender) 


1.3" Diameter x .125" thick


Available in Bronze, Copper or .999 Solid Silver

The Euclidean Coin | .999 Solid Silver


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