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The Platonic Coin is first and foremost a piece of art which collectors will appreciate for its refined design and high quality craftsmanship. It is a piece meant to be shared with all those who appreciate the timelessness of the artifacts that grow with us and come to represent our own personal unique perspective. Each line, shape and symbol on the coin is rooted in countless generations of cultural expression, motivating us to better understand our past and serving as the basis for questioning our place in a limitless universe. The Coin pulls together many of the well known signs and symbols used to represent the tangible elements of life for thousands of years. It also incorporates new, original design elements which attempt to connect our modern views with those of the past. It encourages us to appreciate the physical qualities of things that we can see and hold in our hands as well as the conceptual ideas we explore through philosophy, science and math. 


This is our first co-branded coin with J.L. LAWSON & CO.


Artistic Coin (not legal tender)


 1.3" Diameter x .125" thick


Available in Bronze, Copper or .999 Solid Silver

The Platonic Coin | Bronze


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