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The Relativity Coin is the third in a collection which celebrates the work of some of our most revered natural philosophers.  Each design is first and foremost a work of art which highlights the beauty of the natural world and invites us to participate in an ongoing conversation about how we interpret the universe.  The Relativity Coin encourages us to consider how our perception of reality may differ from those around us.


Because of the works of Galileo, Newton and Einstein we have come to understand that accounting for the experience of each individual requires the use of clearly defined fixed points in space.  For The Relativity Coin, we have chosen to explore the relationship between the sun and the earth as the most tangible and fundamental Frames of Reference.  The obverse side of the coin illustrates particles of light radiating from the Sun Frame of Reference, at constant velocity, to be experienced in the Earth Frame at a future time.  On the reverse side of the coin, from the Earth Frame of Reference, the fabric of space and the path of the sun's rays appear to be affected by the earth's gravity.


It has never been more important to consider what things look like from those frames outside of the self.  Even if Einstein was right that “God doesn’t throw dice,” there's always the flip of a coin!


Artistic Coin (not legal tender)


 1.3" Diameter x .125" thick


Available in Bronze, Copper or .999 Solid Silver

The Relativity Coin | Bronze


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